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Are you looking to hire a Filipino Maid in Singapore? Do you have the following questions at the back of your mind?

  • How much is maid agency fee in Singapore?
  • How many maid agencies are there in Singapore? Which is the reliable or best Filipino Maid Agency in Singapore?
  • How much is maid levy?

What are Filipino Maids generally like?

Most Filipino Maids or foreign domestic workers (FDWs) would be able to communicate and speak in English, rather well. In terms of religion, most of them are Roman Catholics or Christians, and generally do not have any specific dietary requirements. But, do remember to check with the FDW that you are thinking of hiring, if she has any dietary requirements. The Philippine Embassy in Singapore has additional requirements which Employers must comply with. Soul Maid will be able to assist you with providing you with more information with regards to this.

Best Filipino Maid Agency Singapore – Who are we and why hire Filipino Maid?

How much is the maid agency fee for Philipines Maid?

Best Filipino Maid Agency Singapore website is setup to cater especially to you – people who are looking to hire a Filipino Maid. People hire Filipino Maid for various reasons like:

  • Some people want to hire Christian Maids or Catholic Maids.
  • Filipino Maids speak English and its easier to communicate when compared to Indonesian maids who speak Malay; not all families are able to converse in Malay with their Indonesian maid.

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Soul Maid is the preferred Maid Agency in Singapore and is leading in the domestic employment market.

Soul Maid has a good track record of successfully placing and training maids in Singapore to numerous clients. We are experienced in working with helpers from various countries, especially those from Philipines, Indonesia and Myanmar to provide care for elderly and children as well as the family needs.

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