Best Myanmar maid agency Singapore

Maid are also known as domestic workers around the house. These people have skills in performing household tasks in and around the house. The basic tasks include caring for the children, kids or elderly as well as cleaning the home and cooking.

Hiring a domestic helper is, by all means, a bright idea, but, finding a reliable agency in Singapore who offers you a list of the best maids from Myanmar can sound difficult; nevertheless, we are here to make the task a little easy for you. Jotted down below are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that you are finalizing the contract with the best Myanmar maid agency of Singapore.

Best Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore : Transfer and retention rate

When you have intentions of hiring a domestic helper in Singapore who hails from a different country altogether, the key factor to check upon is the agency’s transfer and retention. There are hundreds and thousands of people coming into and leaving the country; some to look for a new career and the others to look for better opportunities overseas. If an agency’s transfer rate is low and retention rate is on the higher spectrum, it signifies that the workers trust in this organization and it has fulfilled all the prerequisites of law and hasn’t breached the clauses of the government. A minimum retention rate of 50% and CASE accreditation is a positive sign for you to take things forward with the agency and resort to the services of the foreign domestic helper. Along with this, do check the authenticity of their license that proves their age in the market and the previous history of services and whether or not they have been approved by the Ministry of Manpower just to be on the secure spectrum of things.

The laws in favor of domestic helpers have fixed rates for maids who hail from different nationalities; apart from the basic fees that must be paid at the agency, the minimum salary of a maid from Myanmar is estimated to be around $450. The rate, however, can increase depending upon her experience and efficiency of work.

The best Myanmar maid agency in Singapore will offer you optimum rates for hiring the domestic help and not keep any charges hidden from you including that of the basic utilities. Therefore, before going ahead and trusting the agency, look for a few options, and once you have fixed your mind on one, ask the authorities to justify the rates that they would be charging.

Best Myanmar maid agency Singapore: Communication
Hiring domestic help from Myanmar can cost you less as compared to the other countries, but, ensure that the maid that the agency is offering you, communicates with transparency and understands all your needs. Make sure that both of you have a common language to speak in, and everything that you and your family would relate to her is clearly understood. Apart from this, ask the agency to furnish you with the maid’s identity proof (the passport would be the best in this case) so that you can fully rely on the person who will be taking care of your house henceforth onwards. Additionally, ask a few questions to the maid in person and do not fully rely on the agency who simply acts as a mediator because in this case, the needs of your maid cannot be entirely dispensed.