Domestic helper is a common yet unexplored field because of various reasons. It is hard to build trust on foreign domestic workers and handover all the homely responsibilities.

How much is the maid agency fee?

Your family is your precious possession and you want nothing but best for them. Amidst of busy routine, they are neglected at times and compromise on many things! The elderly and kids at home require special care which might be sacrificed because of urgent deliverable at work. Do you remember the last time you went on work-free vacation with your life partner? Work is equally important and hence, it is worth investing in domestic helper. With our best Domestic Worker Agency in Singapore, you can be assured of quality service. The maids that we provide are best in class and reliable. Here are few features why should you hire domestic workers from us:

  1. Well-trained with ethics and morale: The maids are well trained in all the household chores, so you don’t have to worry about anything! They know how to handle things with care and have flexibility in terms of learning and adapting to the lifestyle of home. The maids are taught ethics and morals of working in Singapore so you can expect a certain level of decency and professionalism in their service.
  2. No language problem: The maids learn different languages, so it becomes comfortable for your family to get mixed up. Communication can be a great barrier and is a risky one when it come to food! With our best Domestic Worker Agency in Singapore we can assure that you won’t face any such problems with the domestic help you hire.
  3. Licensed and verified: Our agency is licensed, and we conduct background verification on all domestic helpers registered with us. This means that you can rely on us blindly. You don’t have to worry about credibility of domestic helpers as they are registered with us.
  4. Hassle free change in case of incompetent service: In case you have any complaints or facing any issues with the domestic helper assigned then we can help you in changing it any time. We invite all sorts of feedbacks and welcoming to all suggestions. You can help us improve our service by sharing your experiences, so they are not repeated with other customers.
  5. Reasonable rates: The agency fee of our best Domestic Worker Agency in Singapore is very reasonable which means that you don’t have to break the bank for hiring our services. We offer competitive rates in the market with quality service

These were 5 major reasons why you should hire domestic workers from our best Domestic Worker Agency in Singapore. Reach out to us if you have any queries and we will be happy to assist you!