With the galloping pace of the world, restricting ourselves to home throughout the day and taking care of the family and household sounds nothing less than a dream. When you leave your house for work, all you can think of is somebody cleaning up all the mess that you couldn’t due to the lack of time and taking care of the kids and old parents back at home. Well, with the domestic helper services in Singapore, this dream is taking the shape of reality.

How much is the maid agency fee?

But, out of the huge array of agencies that you can choose your domestic helper from, you must choose the one which, according to you is the most reliable and trusted source of furnishing you with the helper suitable for your needs. Listed down below are a few general pointers for you to consider while choosing the best reliable maid agency in Singapore.

  • Things to consider

Coming across the ultimate domestic helper agency in Singapore is backed by a lot of factors. Firstly, look for the authenticity of the license and the number of years that they have stayed in the market. If you look through their previous records, you will find out whether or not they are running their agency legally and if they have breached the government rules regarding the workers. Next, comes the retention rate; the relation between the retention rate and degree of safety in the agency is directly proportional. Thus, agencies that have a retention rate of about 50% of their maids ensure the fact that the helpers too find this organization safe and trustworthy which has led them to stick around for so long. Furthermore, check if the agency has been stamped with some demerit points and has earned the CASE accreditation which is the legal assurance that the company abides by fair trading laws.

  • Ratings

The best way to identify if a maid agency is reliable or not is to thoroughly run through their customer ratings and feedbacks; remember, an honest agency will never hide their history from you irrespective of them being positive or negative. The reviews can be completely trusted because employers who have had a contract of three or more months with the maids are only allowed to rate their services. The primary areas that are considered while rating the agencies are, (i) if the agency has cooperated during your times of need, (ii) how well did the agency assist you with the application process, fees structure and service contract (iii) how successful were the domestic helpers in fulfilling your needs and, (iv) will you recommend this agency to somebody in the future or not.

  • Transparency about the agency rates

Other than the above-mentioned characteristics, you must also keep in mind the fees that the agency is willing to charge. There are some fixed rates that are to be issued directly to the agency under the law and a separate charge to be generated at the agency itself. A higher fee of an agency compared to the others doesn’t necessarily mean overcharging; the disparity arises because of the solid track records, standard service and high efficiency of the helpers. Hence, before you finalize an agency, ask them to show their previous records and accordingly justify the rates.