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We are the preferred Maid Agency for many who are looking to emply a new maid, transfer maid and even ex-singapore maid! 

  • Search Maid Bio-data Are your searching for maid bio-data? Soul Maid will be able to help you match your maid employment needs if you speak to us. We are available via whatsapp and can assist you in any enquiry that you may have!
  • Maid Employment Agency Services Soul Maid can assist you in hiring of a new maid, transfer maid, ex-singapore maid, Indonesian maid, Filipino maid or even a Myanmar maid!

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An employment agency in Singapore is a company that helps other companies with their recruitment and staffing needs, normally acting as the middle party between employer and potential employee. An employment agency could be engaged in placement of local as well as foreign domestic helpers or maids. Welcome to Soul Maid, search maid service where you are able to search for your preferred maid biodata online!

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