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New Maid Employment Singapore – New Maid Employment Agency Singapore

Welcome to New Maid Employment Singapore!

After evaluating your cost vs need, have you come to a conclusion that you probably need to hire a new maid in Singapore to help you with your housework needs, caring for elderly parents perhaps or perhaps you have recently gave birth and may be looking for alternative infant care that is not an infant care centre? Perhaps you have young children that needs to be cared for when you are at work? Employers looking to hire a foreign domestic worker can use an employment agency like Soul Maid or hire directly.

Is this your first time in employing a maid in Singapore?

New Maid Employment Singapore welcomes you! Are you looking for a Singapore Maid Agency with good selection of Filipino maid, Indonesian Maid, Myanmar Maid, … New Maid, Transfer Maid, Ex-Singapore Maid, that are willing to work for you?  Do you know what to expect when employing a maid in Singapore? Are you looking for maid agency singapore? Do you need help in the following areas?

  • fdw work permit
  • work permit transactions for domestic helpers (maids)
  • criteria to hire a maid in singapore
  • fdw employment history
  • domestic helper singapore requirements
  • how to hire a maid in singapore
  • singapore maid rules and regulations
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Would you like to speak to the Best Maid Agency in Singapore that can help you find a suitable maid for your needs?

New maid, fresh maid available to Singapore employers. Please contact maid agency for arranging interview.

Soul Maid is here to help you find that perfect maid for your household needs!

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New Maid Employment Singapore – Type of Maid to employ (New Maid, Transfer Maid or Ex-Singapore Maid)

We have a large Database of Filipino, Indonesian and Myanmar maids. Call now. Low Prices. Call Us Now. Accredited Agency. Specialized Services. Services include: Infant Care, Elderly Care, Child care.

    New Maid Employment Singapore webpage is by Soul Maid

    Welcome to New Maid Employment Singapore!

    Soul Maid has setup New Maid Employment Singapore webpage to help you in getting started to hire a new maid in Singapore! Soul Maid has a large database of New Maid, Transfer Maid and maids of following nationalities Indonesian, Filipino & Myanmar maids available for hire!

    New Maid Employment Singapore understands the hassle of Hiring a maid in Singapore!

    Facts of People Hiring a New Maid in Singapore

    Nearly a quarter of a million households in Singapore employ the services of a foreign domestic helper, at least in some point of their life, whose duties include cleaning and taking care of elderly and young children.

    Fun FAct: 1 in 5 Singapore households employ a maid to help them with general housework, cooking, and to look after the elderly and young children.

    New Maid Employment Singapore helps ensure that you are able to select and work with the right maid agency in Singapore.

    As an employer, you need to meet the eligibility criteria before hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW). … If you are a first time FDW employer, you must attend an Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) before you apply for an FDW.

    While all these may sound very complicated to you, work with New Maid Employment Singapore to hire your new maid and we will guide you every step of the way. Contact Soul Maid – New Maid Employment Singapore.

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