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Recommended Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore (Soul Maid)

Recommended Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore: The rise in demand for Myanmar Maids

How much is the maid agency fee for Myanmar Maids?

There has been a increasing demand for Myanmar maids in Singapore over the past few years, simply because Myanmar Maids are cheaper to employ when compared to their counterparts in Indonesia or even the Philippines.

  • Myanmar Maids are relatively cheaper because the Filipino and Indonesian governments have mandated minimum monthly salaries of $ 500 and $ 450 respectively for maids from their countries, therefore this fuel the interest in Myanmar Maids.
  • For Myanmar Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) or Myanmar Maids: In general, they would be able to understand and speak simple English. Most Myanmar Maids are able to speak basic English language where as their Indonesian counterparts might not be able to speak and understand English in order to work in your household.
  • Do be patient with them as they may need more time during their employment with you to learn English.
  • Most of the Myanmar Maids are Buddhists and may have some dietary requirements, so do check with them directly.

Recommended Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore: Considerations when searching and employing a Myanmar Maid

Welcome to Soul Maid website! How your Myanmar Maids in Singapore can help you!

  • When searching for a Myanmar maid, you may choose to give full disclosure of the background and work requirements of domestic worker you seek so that Recommended Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore by Soul Maid would be able to assist you with your Myanmar Maid selection process and make your selection of a Myanmar maid more accurate to what you may require.
  • We provide comprehensive pre-engaging briefing to ensure that the Myanmar Maid will be fully aware of her job requirements.
  • Myanmar Maids would have to complete some months of on the job training before they are deployed, so this training will prove to be useful and helps equip the Myanmar Maid with the necessary skillset for the job.
  • Recommended Myanmar Maid Agency Singapore (Soul Maid) also provides constant ongoing support for Myanmar Maids in case they feel troubled and need to speak with someone.
  • Lower monthly maid salary: the salary for Myanmar girl is lower compared to girls from Indonesia and Philippines.
  • Some employers report that Myanmar maids in Singapore usually have a better temperament and are more positive and they adapt to their job requirements in a short time.
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