Transfer Maid Employment Singapore by Soul Maid

Transfer Maid Employment Singapore

To arrange for a New Maid Interview or if you need help with your domestic worker transfer contact Soul Maid! Transfer Maid Agency Singapore has got a selection of Transfer maid available for Singapore Employer. Please contact Transfer Maid Agency and arrange interview.

Transfer Maid Employment Singapore: Searching for an experienced maid or transfer maid

When searching for and engaging an experienced maid, the options include going through a reputable agency to handle the MOM paperwork or handling the transfer directly with your new maid and their current employer. So what are Transfer Maids? There are possibly 3 options:

  • 1) Transfer: The candidate is still working in Singapore, is available for interview and is allowed by her current employer to transfer to a new employer.
  • 2) End contract: The candidate will end contract soon in Singapore, is available for interview but has to leave Singapore fist to re-apply her work permit.
  • 3) Ex Singapore: The candidate has previously worked in Singapore and is currently not in Singapore. Interview is only possible trough Phone / Skype / Chat.

Transfer Maid Employment Singapore: What are Transfer Maids and How to Find one in Singapore (Tips)?

A transfer maid is one that is working in Singapore, coming to the end of their contract and looking to change employer.

How do you find a transfer maid in Singapore? The more common way is via their existing employers if the parting is a mutual decision, so look out for notices on Facebook forums or community groups.

Another way is to look at the notice boards at NTUC or Cold Storage, where some FDWs advertise the transfer maid in Singapore services independently.

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Transfer Maid Employment Singapore by Soul Maid

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